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Women are Running the Show
An article about the “fluffy” content of BBC output and my belief that the BBC has been considerably changed as a result of it being run by women.

Links to other peoples’ articles

“The Menace of Multiculturalism”
This well-researched article by Cameron McKensie deals with the problems of “multiculturalism” in Australia but many of the points that Mr. McKensie makes could equally apply to “multiculturalism” in Britain today.

“The Drowning of Common Sense” is an article by Melanie Phillips which concerns the sad case of ten-year-old Jordon Lyon who tragically drowned while two Community Support Officers stood by and watched. Ms Phillips uses the case to point to write an intelligent article (as usual) that points wider and deeper problems inherent in our society today.

“The Origins of Political Correctness” This interesting article by Bill Lind is written from an American perspective but deals with the roots of “political correctness” in general. Well worth the read.

“The Capitalist Conspiracy” is a very long article in five parts by G. Edward Griffin. Its explanation of the political system in general is highly enlightening. It deals with the “New World Order”, the illusion of left/right politics and fractional reserve banking. A further source of information that specifically deals with the corrupt banking system is a comprehensive independent documentary called “The Money Masters”.

“Top 10 Global Warming Myths” There is no evidence for the existence of man-made Global Warming. Yes, we may be in a warming-period right now but that’s normal behaviour for Planet Earth. The “Global Warming” that one hears about in the media is a collectivist control mechanism. Conservation and pollution control are both important ideas that many people, including myself, were turned-on-to before the socio-Marxist “Global Warming” myth came to be. Yes, I’m worried that some people treat this planet’s resources as inexhaustible. Yes, I’m worried that we treat nature as a garbage dump but I’m even more worried about the huge numbers of people who are buying in to Big Brother’s Global Warming Myth. Why should I believe in God, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, an Invisible Pink Unicorn or Global Warming when there is no evidence for any of them. Why should I believe in fairy tales?